New Tiers

I’ve added new $3 and $10 tiers to the campaign, titled Knight and Hero.

Current patrons should edit their membership to ensure their tier matches their pledge amount. All higher tiers include all benefits from the lower tiers, so if you are already paying enough for a higher tier then there is no reason not to upgrade.

The credit reward has been moved to the $3 Knight tier to prevent the list from growing too unmanageable as the campaign grows.

I still greatly appreciate every one of my patrons, and $1 supporters will continue to be named in the credit list until the beginning of February. Additionally, patrons who pledged prior to these changes will have their names immortalized in the file in the MV3D github repository.

The Hero tier will be rewarded with download keys for all current and future paid Cutievirus products distributed on

Currently the only download key available this way is the MV3D premium plugin, which is also available to download for all patrons on this patreon page. However, it also includes any future products I sell on


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