Tier Rewards – Thoughts and Opinions?

One of my rewards involves listing the names of patrons at the end of the help text for MV3D. However some users seem to use their real names on Patreon, and I feel uncomfortable listing their real names.  For this reason I prefer to use people’s discord names where available, and ask how I should name them otherwise.

Due to an influx of patrons, I recently decided to move this reward to the $3 tier so I have less work to do whenever I get a new patron. However, I’m wondering how many people actually care for this reward.

I initially chose it because I had trouble thinking of rewards and many creators offer similar rewards. However I feel like it’s a very shallow and uninteresting reward, and I wonder if it’s even worth the extra effort it takes to maintain the list.

If you would, please give me your opinion on this reward. Do you think it’s worth keeping, or should I replace it with something better?

I prefer rewards that can be fulfilled upon request by the patron, like the discord name color reward. That way I know I’m not putting effort into something people aren’t interested in. If you have any ideas for rewards I can add to this campaign, please let me know.

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